The purpose of UNITED UNDER ONE is to unify people from all walks of life. Our goal is to inform and raise awareness about the various issues surrounding religion in society, and how it has created an immense divide in global culture. Our hope is that you will choose to let go of your predisposition-ed opinions toward all religions and discover a more open-minded mentality. Through exploring faith-based ideas, theories, phenomena, and peeling back the layers of spirituality our readers can come together to discuss and support equality and the unification of ALL under ONE.


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Lee Daniel’s “The Butler”

Movie go-ers will be flocking to the movies next weekend to see the highly anticipated movie “The Butler” by Oscar-nominated film director Lee Daniels. The movie is about the life of Eugene Allen, butler to 8 former U.S Presidents. Aside from Allen’s life as a butler, he was a devote Christian who served as an usher at his church in Washington D.C for over 6 decades…
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Churches Are Making Atheists Bankrupt

We’re told that there is a separation of church and state, but upon closer examination we can see that isn’t true. The church exists as a singular entity within societies, that aren’t subject to the limitations from our laws and government, but receive all the benefits. Churches exist as a parasite on society where we supply the money, and they take all of it…
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Is America The Bully?

The Obama administration has ordered all non-emergency personnel to leave Yemen and urged U.S. citizens currently living there to “depart immediately.” In a statement issued yesterday, the State Department cited “the continued potential for terrorist attacks.”…[ Read More → ]

Postive and negative aspects of religion

Though some seem to disagree, I would claim that there are both positive and negative aspects to religious belief. In general, I am tolerant of people who hold only those religious views which are either harmless or beneficial but agree that, as a society, we should fight against those views which are negative and harmful. So, which aspects of religious belief do you consider negative or harmful and which aspects may be benign or even positive?…[ Read More → ]